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Tactical RPG game made with RPG Maker MV, with modern style.

What is the magic recipe to make a successful game? The question burned Dang's mind, and went to college to study the matter. However, he eventually discovered that the subject matter was simply not covered in any course. He left in disgust, and found a group called SU NGHIEP that might just have the answers he's looking for!

I'll remove the prototype version to prepare a demo add more features: mapping, gameplay, hud and important is spelling corrections.

Main character: DANG 
Skills:Hacking : : : : :::::::::
DANG was born and grew up in a violent family. The house was burnt, the mother died and his father was imprisoned. Then DANG wandered the countryside to make a living. The story focuses on college time. Finishing the story is a decision to drop out of college because there are too many mistakes; as there is a lot of fun, friends, or other lovers.

Character: PHI
Skills: Hacking
Phi is the son of a wealthy family in the city. He planned to work with DANG during college. This is an important character of the SU NGHIEP

Character: NHUNG Skills: unknown
Just girlfriend of DANG, appeared in the recollections.

Character: ANH
Skills: unknown
He learned very well and he was the guy who helped DANG overcome the difficulties

Character: NONG
Skills: unknown
A character who is passionate about electronic games, may even left school for them

Character: NICO
Skills: none
An elderly nun who helped DANG to participate in college

Character: TUYEN
Skills: Support
Member of the Process (unit USH) The person who helped DANG was involved in the Process

Character: TUAN
Skills: Summon
Member of the Process (unit HSTN) The person who helped DANG was involved in the process
this is  a pet of TUAN

Soldier of the Process team

Soldier of the KTX team

NONG's mother

 DIT staff

Café staff

Mayor of the city

Soldier of the SU NGHIEP team

In prototype:

Part of the city in the southeast (city-SE):  

The Temple, DUBI, DIT, Dormitory, Café and Shop.

Three types enemies and  PHI boss.

Game Features:


This is based on my own personal experience. Like, I wanted to create a game, so, like our protagonist here, I went to college. However, during that time, I couldn't really learn about how to create. A. Game. So, I decided to leave school and do a bit of self-study on the matter. Hence, this humble attempt! 

  • A huge map: currently available; CITY-SE size 6444x6444 (pixels)
  • Tactics battle system
  • Recipe system
  • Quest system
  • Game Time:  14 types of weather; rain, clouds, fog, wind, fallen leaves, 4 seasons, cycle time; day/ night.
  • There are two mini game: Taxi and Waiter

mini game


  • The plot must be complete : 8 CHAPTERS
  • The side quests by date and event( Side-questing based on current date, and time of day)
  • Complete the city map including (NE-NW-SW) total size a city map: 25776x25776 (pixels), interior campus (DIT, USH, HSTN), grocery stores, the process center areas, the SU NGHIEP center, the mines/forest to look for raw materials for crafting and more dungeon.
  • The system traffic, the motorcycle and car will be active on the city map (Life-like traffic)
  • Pet system include hunger, thirst, and fatigue. You can control a pet (When you are a Summon)
  • Design skills, animation, logic AI for the boss
  • Balancing the battle mechanism
  • Add more: 2 mini games
  • Possible features: Expand the story to another game. It can make on unity 3D engine


MAIN GRAPHICSNanikasiratkool
Remos Turcuman
GRAPHIC ICONSNanikasiratkool


Ung Hoang Phi Dang,
MushroomCake28, SumRndmDde, Moghunter, Biud436,
Lecode, Quxios, Yanfly, Vlue, Iavra, Galv

BGM by johnleonardfrench

Sound FX by Imphenzia

Modern Battle Theme number 3 by Scythuz

Sound in credit: 威厳ある城  
by  pocket sound https://pocket-se.info

Controls - Keyboard:

WSAD = Move around
M = Map
I = Inventory
Action Button: "space" Key

Language support:

Switch language:  Options => Graphics => Advanced => Language

English, Arabic, German, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, VietNamese, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Italian

Note: This is a game prototype entry for #igmc2018

This is not a complete or demo game. It's just a prototype!

Development log


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Couldn't find the download link. Did you remove it?


I'll remove the prototype version to prepare a demo add more features: mapping, gameplay, hud and important is spelling corrections.

Tactical RPG: Out School - mini game Waiter | Gameplay Walkthrough

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Tactical RPG: Out School - PHI boss fight / Final Mission
- Gameplay Walkthrough